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Nick’s Crane Services are trusted suppliers of all-terrain crane hire, and mobile slewing crane hire from Wingfield and across Adelaide, to all of South Australia.

All-terrain cranes, also known as slewing or mobile cranes are roadworthy cranes that are multi-wheeled, meaning that they can travel on normal public roads. As the name suggests, all-terrain cranes are also able to perform lifts and jobs in areas that traditional cranes such as Frannas wouldn’t, for example, unpaved roads or construction sites with uneven surfaces.

Nick’s Crane Services are able to tackle jobs of all sizes from small to large. Our all-terrain cranes have worked on jobs ranging from lifting and manoeuvring aircraft onto floats for transport, to glass installation on high-risk sites. Our team of experienced staff are capable of completing any job required no matter the size and complexity.

All-terrain cranes available for wet hire across Adelaide, to all of South Australia.

Our fleet of all-terrain cranes includes top of the line machinery from three of the most respected crane hire brands: Liebherr, Grove and Kato. Our fleet consists of:

  • 10t Kato Mobile Slewing Crane for hire ​
  • 55t Liebherr Mobile Slewing Crane for hire
  • Grove 150t Mobile Slewing Crane for hire

All of our machinery is highly maintained as part of our inbuilt company commitment to safety and safe working environments. The team at Nick’s Crane Services strive to ensure that our machinery is continuously operating in peak condition in order to ensure that nothing breaks down to cause incidents and injuries.

Nick’s Crane Services have a 24-hour on-call policy meaning you receive emergency crane hire when you need it.

No matter the time day or night the team at Nick’s Crane Services can get the lifting job done.

Whether you need emergency crane hire to clean up after storms and other natural disasters, require lifting for jobs that can only be carried out at night when the building is empty or require a crane to lift upended plant and vehicles, Nick’s Crane Services are on-call to provide the service you require.

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From our home office in Wingfield, the friendly team at Nick’s Crane Services provide mobile crane hire and truck hire to customers across Adelaide including Victor Harbour, Goolwa, Kadina, Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend and all of South Australia.